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Since the formation of the band in 1997, the band went through many line-up changes till 2001 where we finaly found a steady line-up. Since then we have played many gigs and have grown together as a real unit.

Not really caring about the technical "playing around", we see our strength in writing straight, fast and melodic songs without becoming boring and nearly always sounding different without losing our style. If anything, our songs should bring pleasure to the audience and kick their ASS while listening.

Ill-Fated 2003

Since the release of our first demo demo in 2003, which we mainly recorded for our friends, we have worked hard improving our live performance on stage and otherwise. Now with great pride we present our new demo with the name LAST DECISION which is the masterpiece since our existence.

Luckily enough, we where able to work with professionals throughout the whole production time. For example, our cover was created by the spanish artist Juanjo Castellano, who was also responsible for the last VOMITORY cover.

Cover: Last Decision

We also didn’t take a chance on the sound, placing our cards on quality instead of quantity which resulted in us again only recording four songs, with an excellent output which literally kicked our ass.

Thanks to the excellent work of Christian "Moschus" Moos and the mastering of Eroc, who has world wide made a name for his many known productions. Ripening musically we see our challenge in setting bigger "marks" in the Metal scene....

...the future will show us the way!