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Hi to you all

Finally we completed this new website, the new Juanjo Castellano official website. Another step what continues the saga of previous Juanjo Castellano´s Black Art sites.

But this new site is special since we are celebrating now the first 10 years doing fantasy and terror artwork for you all. It´s something really important for us, and of course, we are really proud to stay up here for this long time.
So we decided to do a new website, more simple but better in order to check the art in a easy way and quickly download adcess. I hope you all enjoy the new illustrations and site designs.

Juanjo Castellano is a professional graphic artist located in Spain. Throughout his professional career as an illustrator, designer, and animator he has the chance to develop his skills for various major international Companies such as Sony, MUJA museum, or Coca Cola.

Recently the artist won a internatinal dinosaur illustration contest on the SALAS DE LOS INFANTES museum and its dinosaur artwork were recently on the cover of the USA magazine PREHISTORIC TIMES.

The artist´s progress starts off with his beginning in the field of comic books going on to illustration, animation, design, and videogames. However, the art gathered in this web site show the darkest and most personal samples of his work into the musical´s field mainly doing cd covers, logos, websites, and layout cds for bands and labels such like VOMITORY, METAL BLADE, DEATHGASM RECS, ASMODEUS, QUINTA ESSENTIA, KATHAROS, BYOK, AEVERON, AVENGER, SATHANAS, DEMONCY ,OBSCURE DOMAIN, ERED, AVULSION, OSMOSE PROD, ARTIC FLAME, HACAVITZ, FROM BEYOND PROD, MORIBUND RECS, EVIL INCARNATE, SPECTRAL MORTUARY, PULVERISED RECS, XTREEM MUSIC, SALEM, DENIAL, ANAL VOMIT, LEICHENZUG, ELDEREON, KREON, TRIMEGISTO, RIBSPREADER, PUTREVORE, EXISTING THREAT, BELIAL, etc.

And like habitual, music is a important source of inspiration. The passion for the darker music provides always an endless flow of strength and creativity. Bands such as Bolt Thrower (Gods), Morbid Angel, Slayer, Avenger, Katharos, Quinta Essentia, Incantation, Asphix, Diabolic, Dissection, old Entombed, Vomitory, Death (RIP Chuck), Grave, Dismember, Immortal, Primordial, Bathory (RIP Quorthon), old Aeternus, Dark Funeral, Mortiis, or Demoncy among others.

The nature is maybe the most important inspiration for the artist. Juanjo adores the frosty look of forests in winter, the bloodcurling wail of the wind down the creepy mountains, the romantic decay of ruins, ...all of the ancient and ancestral that inspired its soul.

Graphic´s artists like Mignola, John Buscema (RIP), Douglas Henderson, John Sibbick, Jim Lee, Brian Froud, William Stout, Joe Kubert, Dan Seagrave, or John Howe among others are a big influence for the artist,. Strongly influenced by H.P Lovecraft´s tales and many other classic terror and mystic literature such as Clive Barker, Tobe Hooper, John Milton´s Paradise Lost, J R R Tolkien, Michael Crichton, Stephen king, or Bram Stoker´s Dracula, his works reflect the scarified soul of these masters of terror. Also great films like Salem´s Lot Mistery (classic), Hellraiser, Alien, Jurassic Park, Lord Of The Rings trilogy, o Vengeance The Demon..

I´d like to thank every band/label/company o person that has show interest in my art and from which I´have received the most passionate compliments, such as Evan March of DEATHGASM RECS/ AVULSION, Ulf (ex Vomitory) and Tobias of VOMITORY, Chris of mighty KATHAROS, Jason and migthy QUINTA ESSENTIA, Tyr and migthy ASMODEUS, MORTIIS, Honza and Ramus of AVENGER, Ixithra of DEMONCY, Paul and mighty SATHANAS, Roy of PULVERISED RECS, All the guys on SPECTRAL MORTUARY, John McEntee of INCANTATION, Oscar and Antimo of migthy HACAVITZ , Thomas and AEVERON, Paul of LEICHENZUG and BTR, Morti and KREON, Claudio and TRIMEGISTO, Gorgoth and VANMAKT ,all the guys on BYOK, Ibae and DENIAL, Nir and SALEM, Dave and EXISTING THREAT, GODS OF THE DECREPIT, PRESSENCE, Edgar and EMBRACE MY FUNERAL RECS, Salva of MANDRAGORA zine, and Tomas from FOREVER PLAGUED RECS. Thomas of NECROMANIAC ZINE, Hacker from OBSCURE DOMAIN/ UNHOLY TERROR ZINE, VIC RECORDS, Odin from MORIBUND RECS, Thiemo and ILL FATED, Luis and FUNERAL RITES, George and DROWNING, BONES BRIGADE, Thomas and RESURRECTED, Sergio and ERED, Sixto of ELDEREON, Jeff and THE VALA, Mike of migthy MONSTROSITY and VISUAL DARKNESS, Andy of KONQUEROR RECS, Jaime of NEURALGIA RECS, Fernando of PATHOLOGICALLY EXPLICIT ZINE, Dimitris of X-PIRAL, John of ARTIC FLAME, Bjarke and MIGTHY MUSIC, Rogga of RIBSPREADER/ PUTREVORE, Dave Rotten of X- TREEM MUSIC/ PUTREVORE, FRIEDHOF Online Mag, Cristiano and VOMEPOTRO, Pintxe and Rafa of IMPURE; James of INFERNUS REX, Ricardo from DEUS MORTUUS PRODUCTIONS. Robert and FERMENTO, Roy and ANAL VOMIT, Sergio de BLACK SEED PROD, Roman of FROM BEYOND/ DISPLEASED RECS, DEVILS ART PRODUCTIONS, DOMAINS , ATARAXY, Ross and IMMOLATION, Isaac of NECROWICTH, AXON, GNOSTIC. Mike and EVIL INCARNATE, all the guys on EISER and HOWL.....sorry if I forgot someone, to much to remember all.

Lastest greetings to Nuria Segoviaand my family for all the great support, Fidel Molina (my master and master of illustrators) of TELSON, Fernando Dagnino (you are on D.C. now master), Feliche ,Arancha, Mercedes and Rafa. My brother Juanez and Jaime on Móstoles, Mike of PREHISTORIC TIMES magazine. Jose Luis Sanz and Francisco Ortega of the UAM for give to me the oportunity to work at the MUJA museum, and finally Carmen and all on the Salas De Los Infantes museum.

Greetings to all and thanks you.

Sincerely. Juanjo Castellano, art and design.